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WECLEAN Electric Sprayer for Gardening, 15L Electric Garden Sprayer Weed Sprayer with Detachable Lithium Battery, Disinfection Watering Can/Backpack Sprayer for Garden Watering Agriculture Weed Pest
Young Brand
Weclean is a young, dynamic brand. We are committed to exploring new technologies and empowering the field of cleaning.
Lithium battery technology
Lithium battery powered products are portable and easy to use. Weclean hopes that lithium battery technology and cleaning products can be better combined to change the way of life of human beings.
Efficient Team
Weclean has an efficient, motivated and energetic team. We work together to ensure seamless and strong cooperation in all aspects of the process, from R&D and production to sales and service.

Company News

The happiness brought by cleaning is not only a clean and healthy living environment
Welcome to Weclean Facebook page

Welcome to Weclean Facebook page

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